Our Family Team

Smiths of Taminick are a dedicated family team who have been growing quality summer fruits for many years.

Alan & Judy: have grown summer fruits all their lives and they know what it takes to be successful at growing, packing and marketing produce. Their work ethic along with their ability to consistently grow quality fruit has made Smiths of Taminick a 'standout' name in summer fruit production. They are still actively involved in production packing and marketing.

Andrew & Janine: Andrew is the son of Alan & Judy and has been actively involved in the business since leaving school some 20 years ago. His roles include production packing, food safety and marketing of the fresh summer fruit along with his wife Janine. Their children James (15) & Kate (13) help out with sales at farmers markets.

We all look forward to continuing the family business and to always supply premium summer fruit to our customers.