Sustainable & Biological Farming

At Smiths of Taminick we are currently going through a paradigm shift in our
farming and soil management procedures. By studying the way we apply
minerals and biology to the soil, we now understand the invaluable contribution
of soil-micro-organisms. We firmly believe that the soil is much more than
just a growing medium for our tress. In our goal to achieve a well-structured,
fertile and productive soil environment, we are convinced that tree health and
natural predators should be our first line of defence against insect pests and

By carrying out these bio-diverse practises and having our soil and tree health in
balance, we find that we are well on the way to becoming sustainable farmers.

At Smiths of Taminick we are fully aware that we are growing food for people
and believe our farming methods enable us to offer a premium, nutrient enriched
product that is not only truly beneficial to you and your families health but one
that also tastes great.


Making our humus compost.............. Turning compost during the heat cycle

Compost Turnner

                          A natural predator at work              

Brewing of compost tea

Compost Finished