Packing &Production

Smiths of Taminick use the latest technology throughout their packing shed from the time the fruit arrives from the orchard, to the time it is dispatched. On arrival, fruit is put straight into the hydro-cooler to quickly reduce field heat then moved into the coolroom. When fruit reaches the desired temperature packing begins, fruit is then floated in sanitised cold water and washed before travelling over a grading machine where it is computer sized and manually packed into cartons ready for sale.

Our careful management practises in both production and packing have proven to increase both the quality and the shelf life of our TREE RIPENED FRUIT.

The GP Grader that is used in our packing shed has a fully traceable labelling system that allows us to track individual production batches back to the block from which the fruit was harvested. This, together with tight quality control protocols that we have in place, ensures that we are able to offer a premium product for our worldwide customers.