You Be The Judge

This fruit you are about to eat or buy for your family to eat, is grown BIOLOGICALLY. Although we are not organically certified growers, we are using the best testing and input methods available to ensure optimum nutritional value.

We strive to achieve a balanced approach to soil mineralization in an ecologically and environmentally sustainable manner that helps our soil and improves YOUR HEALTH. When fertilizing we use natural based compost fertilisers and compost teas made on our farm that are suited to our particular soil types and fruit crops.

SO, shop wisely, support your local Farmers Markets and those who supply a quality product that is a tasty high nutrition food. Speak environmentally with your consumer dollar and look for produce that has been grown in the healthiest possible manner.

Enjoy the foods that not only look good but have a great taste and are nutritionally beneficial for the health of you and your family.

It makes you feel good and proud to support AUSTRALIAN (biologically grown) Agriculture!!!!!!